A Shift in Cereal Production

Cereal production for my factory has increased ever since we added two more powder filler machines. The machines feed ingredients into the mixers, which toss them together until they form a dough. This dough is then removed from the mixer and put onto a conveyor belt where it runs through a press which flattens it. Once flattened, cereal pieces are stamped out of the dough, and then the dough is baked until it is cooked thoroughly. The baked cereal pieces travel down the belt to cool of some before they are put into individual packages, which are then sealed and boxed.

To celebrate the increase in production, I’ve decided to have a contest. Inside each box of cereal, there will be a code that is printed. Consumers can take the code and put it in on our website. The code will either give them a message telling them that they won, or that they lost and should try again. The winners of the contest will win a tour of the cereal factory and a cash prize. There will be five winners in all. I expect a lot of kids to beg their parents to buy the cereal for them so they can have a chance at winning.

The cereal is popular among kids, but it’s not bad for adults either. I avoided making the cereal too sugary so that anyone who has a special low sugar diet can still enjoy the cereal. The cereal is pretty healthy and I’ve been eating it nearly every day since it started being produced. Sometimes my kids like to have other cereals from time to time, but they always come back for some of the cereal that we produce at the factory. My wife doesn’t really eat cereal all that much and just sticks to oatmeal.

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