Finding out Where I Could Cut Costs Helped Me to Get Back Money I Spent

After getting a new air conditioning unit, I realized that I needed to find other ways to save money as quickly as possible. I had to spend some time looking to find more info on ways to do this because I had never really been very good at saving money like I should. Let’s just say that I lucked out and never had any major emergencies that landed me in hot water financially prior to needing a new unit. But once it happened, I knew that I needed to fix my situation quickly because the new AC cost me $5,000.

Getting the new AC made me realize that I should spend some time calling different utility companies to see if anyone could give me a better deal. I am fortunate enough to live in a state where we can choose our provider. Many people in other states cannot do that, and they only have the choice to purchase utilities directly from one government provider. This means that they do not have the ability to shop around for cheaper prices. My state is one of the few that passed a law making is so that many different companies could come in and compete for customers. This helps to lower prices for every customer. It’s pretty nice.

I also called each of the other service providers that I used to talk to them about lowering my monthly bills. All but one of them had some excellent discounts for me. By the time that I was finished calling each company, I totaled everything up and learned that I would be saving an extra $400 per month. What this means is that after 12 months of that, I would have mots of the cost for the AC that I purchased paid back and saved in my bank account.

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