Getting Started on My New Position

I got here the other day and it turned out that we really do not have an office here, Singapore is an incredibly crowded little island and office space is very expensive. Instead Mr. Black is operating mostly out of an apartment that he has rented and from something called a virtual office. They rent you what you need as you need it. So if you need a full time corporate secretarial services for Singapore they give you that. We have a girl who answers our phones for us, but she is apparently in her own apartment and she answers the phone for us and a number of other places in similar situations to ours. That is actually pretty logical, since there are just the three of us here and none of us are really in one place for a very long time. It is really quite sensible when you examine the problem and what it is that we really need. Mr.. Black was really very clever when you think it through.

At any rate I have been trying to learn my way around the area. I have to go to Jakarta next week and that is a little bit worrisome. Singapore is a very safe place, they have very few problems because they are so strict that they keep a very tight lid on all sorts of trouble. Jakarta is a boiling kettle. They have a lot of radical Islamists, that is really a big constituency when they have elections and they have a lot of people who are willing to resorts to guns and bombs. Most of them are out in the jungles acting like crazy people, but they have the same sort of problems that they have in any crowded city. So you really want to be careful traveling there.

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