I Am Enjoying My DirecTV

When I moved to Dallas a couple of years ago, I decided I was not going to get any TV service. I was not home very often, and I did not see the point of paying over a hundred bucks just to watch a few shows. That is what I had been paying for my cable service in North Carolina, so I figured it would be a similar price here in Dallas. Something funny happened though, when I moved here, and I found myself looking up DirecTV Dallas to get some information on TV packages.

I was not really a Carolina Panthers fan before, but I would watch games with my friends. Once the season started though, I found myself missing the football games. I was not able to pick the majority of them up here unless they were on during prime time hours. I had heard about the Sunday Ticket though, so I decided to see just how much it would cost me. I have to say, I was really surprised when I found out the pricing. I had been expecting a similar price to what I was paying before, if not more because of the Sunday Ticket.

It was over half the cost though, and the Sunday Ticket was thrown in as a free bonus for being a new customer. I was pretty psyched that I would be able to watch the Panthers play after all, but that was not the only bonus that I got to enjoy. I was offered all of the premium movie channels as a bonus for three months, and the equipment made my old cable TV equipment look like it was obsolete. Even though my promotions are now up, I still have DirecTV because the price is still a lot cheaper, and I am enjoying TV a lot more now because of it.

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