Picking a Better Rate Plan from the Deregulated Gas Companies in Ohio

It is nice that our natural gas is deregulated in Ohio. At least we can shop around for a better rate for one of our utilities. The natural gas companies in Ohio that sell you your monthly service can vary in what they offer. You want a low and stable rate plan. That means sticking with a fixed-rate plan instead of going for a variable-rate plan. The fixed rate for natural gas lets you know how much you will be paying every month for you gas bill. You do not have to wait and see what the ending price will be on your account when the bill comes out.

I have always thought of variable rate utility plans to be silly. You might save a little now, but you can really be hit with big charges when the price goes up. And it is not if the price will go up, it is when will it happen. Every business and utility has been asking for a little bit more money every year too. Instead of paying a higher rate, I looked at the deregulated choices to get our natural gas service from. I found a really low stable rate that we could switch to in order to save money.

This was actually my first time in taking advantage of the deregulation to find a gas supplier that had a much lower rate for our monthly gas bill. The switch was easy, and figuring out the fine print was easy too. We have a contract for one year and a minimum usage requirement. We have easily gone over the minimum every year without fail going back to the first gas bill we got here. We are pretty consistent with our winter natural gas usage rate. Saving money by paying less for each cubic foot helps us reduce our monthly obligation on our gas bill.

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