Taxes Are Something We Have to Pay

I was working with a few of my friends when we decided to take a lunch break last March. We started to talk about taxes and how we all were going to file that week. They do their own taxes at home, all online with a computer program that has them enter in all of their tax forms. I thought that it was pretty great that they do their own taxes. I like to use an accountant because they can help me if I have to pay the IRS or get irs debt forgiveness. It could be very hard and expensive to hire an attorney that would have to represent you against the IRS if you did owe them taxes, but my accountant works with someone that would represent us with no problem should something happen.

I think a big part of the problem is that many people do not always report all of their income so they may get caught and then they have to pay the IRS all of the taxes on the income that they did not report. I would be very afraid to earn a good amount of money and then having to lose a good percentage of it because there was a mistake in my taxes. I have heard horror stories of people who have tried to defend themselves when they went up against the IRS.

Tracking all of your income and all of your expenses is very important when it comes to the IRS and taxes. You have to be able to provide receipts in order to prove why you are taking all of the tax deductions you are. I think it could be very costly if I had to represent myself in a court case against the government over taxes, it’s better to pay someone to do that for you.

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